Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurricane Storm Names

Are Storm Names Prophetic?

The following is a list of the names that being used for the Atlantic Coast (see http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutnames.shtml) and the meanings of those names. Some name meanings may vary in meaning according to the book you look it up in, but these are pretty basic meanings that I found for each. If you feel that the storms and their name meanings are a sign of what is in store, this may be helpful to you. Lists are recycled every six years.

I listed whatever the factual information was regarding each name. In no way do I suggest that you should pursue looking up information regarding false gods because of Dennis (from 2005 list) being a derivative of that name. Seek the Lord, The Word of God, and ask the Holy Spirit for revelation concerning it.

Interestingly, while scanning the lists for other areas, I discovered that in the Eastern North Pacific "Israel replaced Ismael in 2001." When looking up the meanings of the names, prophetically, it could read like this:

"Israel (Ruling with God) replaced Ismael (God listens) in 2001."

(NOTE: Depending on the source you go to for name meanings, what you read could be different from the items listed below. I chose to obtain as many of the name meanings below from Christian sources as I could.)

2008 & 2014 & 2020
Arthur - Bold; Gracious ruler    
Bertha - Brilliant
Cristobal - Christ carrier
Dolly - Compassionate, Christlike, "Gift of God."
Edouard - Wealth protector
Fay - Remembered
Gustav - God's staff
Hanna - "Favored grace." Gracious, compassionate.
Ike - Laughter
Josephine - Wisdom; Understanding
Kyle - Narrow, straight; Perceptive insight.    
Laura - Famous; Gracious
Marco - Martial; Servant of God
Nana - Grace; Gracious  
Omar - Flourishing
Paloma - Dove
Rene - Peace; Reborn; Forgiven    
Sally - Princess; beloved
Teddy - Divine gift; gift of God    
Vicky - Victory; Conqueror; Victorious spirit
Wilfred - Resolute protector; perceptive, peaceful ruler

2013 & 2019 & 2025
Andrea - Womanly; Filled with grace
Barry - Marksman; spear warrior; strong
Chantal - Song; Healed
Dorian -  Gift; gracious
Erin - Bringer of peace; benevolent; Old name for Ireland
Fernand - Fearless; redeemed
Gabrielle - God's messenger; devoted to God; confident
Humberto - Bright, "Famous giant"; ''warrior''; ''bear-cub.''
Ingrid - Hero's daughter; cherished
Jerry - Mighty, loyal
Karen - Purity; beloved
Lorenzo - (same as Lawrence); crowned with laurel; joyful
Melissa - Honey bee; industrious; creative
Nestor - Traveler
Olga - Holy; wise
Pablo - (Spanish for Paul) - Small; great faith
Rebekah - Faithful; refreshed
Sebastian - Majestic; venerable; esteemed
Tanya - Royalty; honorable
Van - Thresher; forgiving; water dam
Wendy - Deliverer; Redeemed

========== =====
2012 & 2018 & 2024
========== =====
Alberto - Brilliant; noble; of noble blood
Beryl - bright jewel; precious stone; Green
Chris - Follower of Christ; God's reflection
Debby - Deborah; Bee, kind words. Prophetess; judge (Jdg 4:1-5); female leader
Ernesto - Sincere; free in spirit
Florence - Flourishing; prosperous
Gordon - Hero; shining
Helene - Light; bright; righteous
Isaac - Laughter; child of promise
Joyce - Joyous; Vivacious; Gift of God
Kirk - Church; Glad in heart
Leslie - Remembered; from the meadow
Michael - He who is like God; messenger; esteemed
Nadien - Hope; spiritual potential
Oscar - Spear of God; appointed by God
Patty - Noble woman; victorious
Rafael - God's healed; anointed
Sandy - Mankind's helper; defender; guardian of truth
Tony - Praiseworthy; pure; powerful  
Valerie - Strength; spiritual purpose; one who is fiercely determined
William - Determined guardian; resolute protector; noble spirit

2011 & 2017 & 2023
Arlene - Promise; pledge; truthful
Bret -  Gift; blessed
Cindy - Celestial light; moon light
Don - Leader; faithful
Emily - Hardworking; ambitious; industrious; diligent worker
Franklin - Free man; joyful
Gert - esteemed (female) warrior; Means "spear of strength"
Harvey - Noble; brave
Irene - Messenger of peace; victorious spirit
Jose - "God will add,".wise; understanding
Katia - Pure
Lee - gracious; poet; meadow; sheltered
Maria - sorrow or bitterness; was originally an Egyptian name, meaning "beloved" or "love"
Nate - Giver; gift of God
Ophelia - Helper; consecrated
Philippe - Lover of horses; transformed
Rina - Song of joy; filled with gladness
Sean - Gracious; servant
Tammy - Palm tree; victorious spirit
Vince - Victorious; conqueror
Whitney - "From the white island;" protected

2010 & 2016 & 2022
========== =====
Alex - Defender of mankind; great protector
Bonnie - Beautiful; pure in heart
Colin - Victorious; destined
Danielle - God is my judge; perceptive
Earl - Noble; reflected image
Fiona - Fair; persevering
Gaston - Stranger (or "stranger from France"); Protected
Hermine - Noble female soldier; Righteous
Igor - Protected; Preserved
Julia - Youthful; guided by faith
Karl - tiller of soil; strong in spirit; manly
Lisa - God's solemn oath; consecrated to God; redeemed  
Matthew - Gift of Yahweh/God; honor to God
Nicole - Victory of the people; overcomer
Otto - Prosperous; esteemed
Paula - Small; loving
Richard - Powerful ruler; benevolent
Shary - Dearest; cherished
Tomas - Twin; divinely preserved
Virginie - Purity; unblemished
Walter - Powerful ruler; strong protector

2009 & 2015 & 2021
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Ana - Gracious; Understanding
Bill - Resolute protector; noble spirit
Claudette - Lame; Loved
Danny - God is my judge
Erika - Brave; victorious
Fred - Peaceful ruler; perceptive
Grace - Patient; full of grace
Henri - Ruler of the household; trusted
Ida - Youthful; industrious
Joaquin - God is my Salvation; Filled with praise
Kate - Innocent; Godly example
Larry - Crowned with Laurel; Joyful
Mindy - Sweet as honey; genuine
Nicholas - Victory of the people; Triumphant spirit
Odette - Wealth
Peter - Rock; powerful faith
Rose - Rose (flower); beautiful
Sam - God has heard; Instructed of God
Teresa - Harvester; bountiful spirit
Victor - Conqueror; Triumphant spirit
Wanda - Wanderer; Seeker of truth